Thursday, 27 November 2008

National Climate March, Saturday December 6th 2008

March on Parliament to demand that the government acts on climate now !

Part of a Global Day of Action - see - last year 70+ countries were involved !

The march this year goes to Parliament Square to demand that the government act now on climate. The march will now start at Grosvenor Square (5 mins from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park - Bond Street or Marble Arch tube. Apologies for any confusion over starting point see more here) - assemble 12 noon. Full schedule here

Speakers will include Caroline Lucas (Leader, Green party), Michael Meacher (ex-Environment Minister) and George Monbiot (Honorary President, Campaign against Climate Change).

The march will be preceeded by a climate protest bike ride starting from Lincoln's Inn Fields at 10.30 am: see more here.

There will be a Climate Change Service at Hinde Street church at 11.30 am - worshippers will join the march afterwards. See more here.

There will be an After-Party in the Synergy Centre from 5.00 pm till late.


Joseph said...

Yes, I will be there together with many members of Green Left and the Green Party from around the country. The climate talks are starting in Poznan, Poland, this week and it will be interesting to see how far the developed world is prepared to go in terms of carbon reduction etc. Apparently, Obama will not be present but John Kerry will represent him. I hope that this does not mean that the Bush administration will continue to drag its feet on any progress.

My main concern about all of this is that everyone is fiddling while Rome (the planet) burns. I am very concerned that we may have reached the infamous tipping point already. And the situation in the Arctic fills me with dismay, where the surrounding nations are already making plans to carve up the resources and make plans for new shipping routes etc.

As a candidate for the European parliament for the London region, I will be taking all of these issues forward in my campaign.

Sacha said...

Class struggle against climate change!

Join Workers' Climate Action, No Sweat and the Colombia Solidarity campaign in marching
with garment worker trade unionists from Bangladesh on the 6 December National Climate

* Meet at 11.30am on Saturday 6 December at the Roosevelt statue in Grosvenor Square (on
the north side, Brook Street/Upper Brook Street; nearest tubes are Bond Street and Marble

Workers' Climate Action ( builds links between the
workers' and environmental movements and sees working-class action as the key force in
stopping dangerous climate change. No Sweat ( is the UK's
class-struggle, anti-capitalist campaign against sweatshops. We will be marching with
activists from the National Garment Workers' Federation of Bangladesh, a country at the
sharp end of climate change and convulsed by class struggle, who are touring the UK with
No Sweat (see website for more details); and with activists from the Colombia Solidarity

Join us at the National Climate March!

For more details email or ring 07974 331 053