Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lambeth UNISON AGM Election Results - Analysis to follow

"Lambeth Activists" highlighted in red, party affiliations in brackets:

Peter Woodward (Labour) 106 elected
Dan Jeffrey (Permanent Revolution) 69

Assistant Branch Sec
Khi Rafe 111 elected
Reg Morrison (Independent Socialist) 64

Membership Secretary
Katrina Hoogendam 89 elected
Dan Jeffrey (Permanent Revolution) 87

Publicity Officer
James Caspell 105 (Green Left/Green Party) elected
Andrew Tullis (Socialist Party) 69

National Local Government Male Delegate
James Caspell 53 (Green Left/Green Party)
Nick Venedi and
Jon Rogers (Labour) 80 elected

Lambeth Activists elected unopposed:

Assistant Publicity Officer
Gurmeet Khurana (Permanent Revolution)

Young Members Officer
James Caspell (Green Left/Green Party) elected

International Officer
Gurmeet Khurana
(Permanent Revolution) elected

National Delegate Conference
Dan Jeffery (Permanent Revolution)

Regional Council
Dan Jeffery (Permanent Revolution) elected

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