Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lambeth Activists Celebrate Election Success

Lambeth Activists candidates today secured 100 per cent of the seats they contested at a lively Lambeth UNISON AGM.

With over 200 Lambeth members in attendance, Dan Jeffery and Ruth Cashman won the post of Assistant Branch Secretary with 56 per cent of the vote.

Dan and Ruth will job share the post and pledged to primarily spend their facility time in workplaces recruiting members and activists to resist the cuts to jobs, pay and public services that Labour, Tories and Lib Dems have promised.

Reg Morrison, Rob Gowland, Mary Kotey, Gurmeet Khurana, James Caspell, Jeremy Dewar and Gary Whiting all secured their positions on Lambeth UNISON’s Branch Committee.

Hassina Poyser, Ruth Cashman and Sahida Uddin all secured positions as delegates to National and National Local Government Conferences respectively.

A number of motions were passed, calling for all UNISON officials to be elected, a cross-union campaign to be built to oppose cuts to jobs and services and a concerted recruitment drive in every workplace.

Gurmeet Khurana’s work as International Officer drew special praise from numerous quarters, with Lambeth Branch having raised £1000’s for Palestinian aid organisations this year and twinning initiatives underway with unions in Palestine and Swaziland.

Lambeth Activists built on their first contested Lambeth UNISON AGM last year and have since recruited almost 20 shop stewards and countless members across Lambeth. Activists were also instrumental in producing the first Branch Newsletters in over a decade.

Lambeth Unison is renound as one of the most active, radical branches in UNISON Local Government and has pioneered the introduction of UNISON learning reps, environmental reps and practical support for the Palestinian people in recent years.

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