Friday, 26 March 2010

Campaign publishes socialist anti-BNP leaflet

The Socialist Campaign to Stop the Tories and Fascists is a new campaign supported by labour movement activists across the country, including John McDonnell MP. It supports a Labour victory, combined with a fightback by the unions against the anti-working class New Labour leadership. (For more see the website.)

The campaign has produced a special leaflet for union branches and anti-racist and anti-fascist groups campaigning against the BNP.

The text of the leaflet is below.

You can download copyable versions (either colour or black and white) here, or order copies by emailing

£20 for 1,000 leaflets; for smaller orders please inquire.


Socialist Campaign to Stop the Tories and Fascists


The British National Party are racist thugs, pretending to speak for the 'white working class', but actually spreading division and hatred among working-class people. No one will gain from their campaigns except the bosses and the rich.

What is the BNP?

The BNP exploits the problems we face - wage cuts, unemployment, lack of housing and services. It never supports workers fighting back. It is viciously anti-union. From the miners' strike, when it called for the army to smash picket lines, to the recent posties' dispute, it always opposes workers standing up for themselves.

Why is the BNP against unions? Because unions are about workers of all backgrounds - young and old, black and white, British-born and migrant, all religions and none - coming together to fight the bosses for better pay, conditions and rights. The BNP wants to divide us so the bosses can keep us down.

The BNP blames everything on politicians 'betraying Britain' - the capitalists calling the shots are conveniently forgotten. The BNP themselves are politicians of the worst sort. BNP leader Nick Griffin has claimed £200,000 expenses since being elected as a Euro-MP!

In fact, workers born in Britain have far more in common with workers who have moved here and workers in other countries than with the British bosses sacking them, cutting their wages and privatising their services!

If it ever comes to power, the BNP will destroy the unions and every democratic right. Its top brass are Hitler-worshippers. Workers voting BNP is like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Real problems - fake, racist solutions

The problems the BNP exploits are real. Things were bad enough before the recession. Now, though they argue over the details, the leaders of three main parties agree the working class should pay with cuts for the economic crisis caused by the bankers.

Without a strong workers' movement putting forward socialist answers to the capitalist crisis, the BNP will try to fill the gap with racist and fascist 'answers' - letting the real culprits off the hook and scapegoating migrants, asylum-seekers and minorities.

Immigration: BNP lies

The BNP claims Britain is filling up and that migrants are wrecking our public services, stealing jobs and driving down wages. Rubbish!

Where would the NHS or public transport be without migrant workers? Public services are overstretched because of cuts and privatisation, not because of immigration.

The reason thousands of families can't get a council house is because New Labour has kept the Tories' policy of selling off council housing and not building more. Meanwhile luxury offices and homes are built for the rich.

Migrants do not get a better deal. In fact, many asylum-seekers are denied access to services; many more are brutally locked up. 5.5 million British people are 'immigrants' in other countries. They have a right to acceptance there - and migrants from other countries have a right to acceptance here.

There is plenty of money in society to pay for decent jobs, homes and services for everyone - if the government taxed the rich, instead of giving billions to the banks.

To fight the bosses and win we need to unite workers across divisions of race, religion and origin, and demand equal rights for all, no matter where they've come from. Only the bosses benefit from a divided working class.

The working class should not pay for the bosses' crisis

The Visteon car components and Vestas wind turbine workers who occupied their factories to stop jobs cuts showed the way to fight back. So have strikers in the post, British Airways and education. Only struggle can stop the cuts - whoever is in power.

The unions should demand:

* Jobs for all. Cut the working week without loss of pay. Nationalise companies which axe jobs. Stop the cuts and create millions of public sector jobs.
* No wage cuts. A £9 an hour minimum wage, no exceptions. Decent pensions and benefits for all.
* Stop and reverse privatisation. Tax the rich to rebuild the NHS and public services.
* Decent homes for all. An urgent program of council house building and repairs.
* Nationalise the banks and use their profits for jobs, homes and services.
* Put MPs on a worker's wage, with strictly controlled expenses.

Fight for a workers' government!

The working class needs a government which serves its interests as the Tories, Lib Dems and New Labour have served the rich. We need a government which backs our struggles in the workplace and in the community. We need a government based on the grass-roots labour movement, which can solve the economic crisis by acting against the bosses, and taking control of the wealth which we create but they enjoy.


Who we are

We want to stop the Tories and their plans for huge cuts and attacks on workers' rights. We want a Labour victory, but are organising to fight New Labour's Tory policies. Labour is different from the Tories because of its base in grass-roots working-class organisations like trade unions.

The unions should put forward working-class, socialist policies and kick out the anti-working class New Labour leaders, like Brown and Blair.


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Promoted by Martin Thomas on behalf of the Socialist Campaign to Stop the Tories and Fascists, 67 Grayson House, London EC1V 3SS. Printed by Upstream, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA.

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