Friday, 11 June 2010

Lambeth Unison motion on anti-fascism

Lambeth Unison has passed this motion in support of South London Anti-Fascist Group (for Facebook group see here) and the new, working class-based national anti-fascist network Stop Racism and Fascism (see website and Facebook). We urge other union branches and campaigns to do likewise.


We note
1. The existence of a South London Anti-Fascist Group sponsored by Battersea and Wandsworth Trades council.
2. The good work this group has done, particularly in helping activists to build a strong anti-fascist campaign in the BNP target-area of Merton.

We further note
1. The launching of a new anti-fascist network, Stop Racism and Fascism, which raises slogans like "Jobs and homes, not racism" and "Black and white, British-born and migrant, all religions and none - workers unite and fight". The network seeks to build an anti-fascist movement which fights for positive, working-class solutions to the problems the fascists exploit (cuts, unemployment, lack of housing and services), and which is open and democratic.
2. That it is supported by anti-fascist groups across the country, including in London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Derby and Lincoln. The South London group sent a delegate to its first conference in Nottingham and to its first steering committee.

We believe
1. That while the BNP took a knock in the recent elections, it still received hundreds of thousands of votes and is almost certainly still growing. In an economic crisis and in the face of the huge cuts planned by the coalition government, a strong working-class anti-fascist movement is needed more than ever.

We resolve
1. To formally sponsor South London Anti-Fascist Group, donate £50 and send delegates to its next meeting on 14 June.
2. To formally sponsor the Stop Racism and Fascism network and send a delegate to its next steering committee.
3. To organise a meeting for members with speakers from SRF, Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate as well as a debate on our No Platform policy.

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