Saturday, 12 June 2010

Unison conference fringe meeting on sex workers' rights

Solidarity with sex workers organising and fighting back! Criminalising buying sex is not the way to support sex workers

A joint Workers' Liberty / Labour Representation Committee fringe meeting at Unison national conference
Opposing motion 117, which support the "Swedish model" on prostitution

Speaker from the International Union of Sex Workers/GMB sex workers' branch.
Chaired by Alison Brown, recently elected to Unison Health Service Group Executive (pc)

6pm, Wednesday 16 June
Premiere Inn Hotel, Westbourne Road, Bournemouth

For more information call 07886 399 638

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Hassina said...

Sadly this motion (117) was agreed at Unison National Delegate Conference. The motion was not progressive and does not truly reflect what is necessary for sex workers to have the right to choose.The motion is regressive and archaic in that is talks of 'tackling the demand the demand for prostitution'. For as long as there is a demand for sex (and I presume this will always be the case) there will always be those who will supply.
Legalising sex workers will remove the opportunity of exploitation and in time will challenge the Victorian moralistic stigma attached to prostitution. Sex workers provide a service just like any other and they should be entitled to do so without middle class do-gooders assuming that anyone who wishes to sell sex must be doing it because they have been forced into it.